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ET Group has been finding new, challenging jobs for Thailand-based jobseekers for over ten years now - and we still have new opportunities for you every day. The best way of finding out about them is to sign up as a member - that way you should never miss out.

Even if you don't sign up for live email job alerts, we strongly recommend that you upload your resume as soon as possible, so we can get to know you better.

We encourage you to present your resume in English, as many HR organizations ask for this; however, we alo accept Thai language resumes, if you are more comfortable with that option.
You can register to be a member of ETGroup by following industry section :


You do not need to sign up in order to use our system to browse for job opportunities. Go direct to the Industry sections, with special keywords to help you find your target job:

Executive Talent - for non-technical Professional Roles

Finance, Legal, HR, Sales, Marketing, Creative & General Management Positions. SEARCH NOW

eTechnical - for Engineering Professionals

We have opportunities in all sectors of the Engineering Professions. SEARCH NOW

eTechnology- for IT, MIS and Telecomms Professionals

We have urgent requirements for IT professionals at all levels of experience. SEARCH NOW

Help Us to Help You: Effective Resume Writing

Keywords are key to your getting Selected, or being Excluded...

A good resume is essential for succesful job hunting. Its presentation must be professional - no spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, no unexplained 'gaps' or missing data - and its content must be compelling.

Good content will put you ahead of the competion. Good content focuses on actual achievements with measurable results, actual facts and numbers. Good content makes it easy for the reader to get the whole 'picture' without having to make assumptions.

Most of all: good content - your story - needs to be keyword-driven.Employers, HR teams and recruiters all review a large number of resumes on any given day. They have specific requirements for the job(s) on offer, and are looking for candidates whose skills and experience match directly with those requirements. To handle this volume of work, they will look for key skills and experience (essential and desirable) by keyword or keyphrase, and may even be using automated sytems to do this.

Keywords are specific, accurate words and phrases that act as 'flags' on your resume: they say whether or not you are a good fit for the requirement. Keywords are key to your getting selected, or to your being eliminated during the first round(s). Can you magine your frustration at missing out on an interview opportunity becuase of some key information that you missed out from your resume?

Because keywords matter so much, we will help you during the online resume registration process to tag your resume with good keywords - and once you are a member, you can log in and and upgrade your resume at any time you like.

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