Introducing ET Group's Recruitment Services

Recruitment Service Sectors

ET Group delivers Permanent Placement Recruitment Services for Thailand, with a strong focus on Bangkok as well as the ability to source candidates for positions in the rest of Thailand. Our service is contingency based, and is backed with a placement guarantee. We operate a very lean organization, and have automated many of our core processes: we pass these savings on to our clients in the form of fair and reasonable fee rates.

Because we deal with a large number and wide range of job requirements and candidate skills profiles, we have divided our recruitment services along lines of business:

Executive Talent - For Recruitment of non-technical Professional Staff

in roles that not direct engineering or IT roles, yet require a high degree of specialist knowledge and experience: HR, Finance, Legal, Sales & Marketing

eTechnical - Engineering Recruitment, including Sales & Management

in Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and key sectors such as Manufacturing, Pharma, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Electricity Generation and Water Management.

eTechnology - IT-related Recruitment, including Sales & Management

Software Development, Systems Engineering, Business Analysis, Networking, Project Management, Software Testing, Web Design, Mobile Apps.

Our recruitment service is based on accurate matching of candidates to requirements - finding the right person for the right job - to save you time and expense in building your teams.

We take great care in the validation and quality control of our candidate resumes, and we are rigorous in our screening processes.  In particular, we are diligent in the way that we match candidates to jobs by focusing on key, specific achievements and successes (and failures!), and backing up our research with technical and and language skills screening tests.

ET Group's Recruitment Service Delivery

Our recruitment service for Thailand is based on a combination of best practices from the more traditional headhunting and executive search techniques, boosted by more recent techniques from the e-recruitment, job board and social networking environments - all coordinated on one central workflow system.

The basis of all our work is the accurate matching of candidates to the specific job requirement, and informs every step of our recruitment process:

  • Initial contact

    In our initial discussions, we will look at the general hiring requirements, budgets and timelines - we will also get a feel for your organization's core business, business goals and growth plans for Thailand. During this period, we will also issue a Service AGreement that defines the Scope of Work, Fee Basis, Guarantee Period and General Terms & Conditions for the Recruitment Service in Thailand.

  • Formal Job Description

    It will help us to help you if you already have a Job Description for each open position; however, if you do not already have these - no problem - we will write them for you and submit them for your approval.

  • Team Environment Analysis

    Before we start the formal candidate search, we will make sure that we understand your company culture, team structure and communication style.

  • Database Search

    We have over 100,000 candidtes under direct management in our database, and we are acquiring more on a daily basis. Our candidate resumes are prescreened and tagged by skill set, level of experience, preferred location, etc.

  • Direct Marketing to Candidates

    We keep in active contact with our candidates, have a membreship program, and also operate pour own in-house 'Job Boards' to keep them informed of new opportunities. This means that we are in a position to directly approach high potential candidates as soon as we have a new customer requirement (Job Order).

  • Job Board Posting

    Almost all recruiters nowadays use the major Job Boards (even if they claim that they do not!), and we are no exception. We will advertise your job under our accounts with the most suitable Job Boards in Thailand - if we think this will bring useful results. This is part of the standard service, and you will not be billed for this advertising.

  • Pre-screening Research

    We understand that on-line and e-recruitment systems make it very easy for potential candidates to apply for any and every job that is posted. As part of our service, therefore, we make every effort to screen out those candidates who do not have a basic 'fit' will the role, do not have the language skills required, or who are not committed to the selection process. Those candidates who do pass first screening will then be further phone-screened.

  • First-Round Interview

    Candidate who pass the screening round and who are genuinely committed to the selection process will be interviewed by one of our consultants, from either the Executive Search, Engineering or IT group, according to the actual job requirements. This will often include a full interview in English, if English skills are a 'must have' for the target position.

  • Skills Testing

    For certain positions, such as Sofyware Developer roles, we will administer a technical competency test. We have a library of these tests, and are constantly updating them; however, we are also happy to use our clients' own tests if required. We will also administer an English Skills Test, if required.

  • Short List Submission

    Shortlisted candidates are the candidate profiles that you will actually see: The candidates who match with your Job Requirements and Job Experience profiles, did well at interview, passed any pre-requisite skills test - and are genuine in their intention to pursue a new career opportunity.

  • Interview Booking for Client

    At the start of the recruitment project, we will hopefully have agreed Clkient Interview schedules and interviewer availability. Based on this plan, we will then manage the booking process for you, including the preparation of any transcripts or other supporting documents required by your HR process.

  • Offer or Rejection Processing

    Once you have selected a suitable candidate or candidates, we will handle the offer process on your behalf.

    In the event that a shortlisted candidate does not pass your selection process, we will deal with their rejection and also debrief them as to why they were not a good fit for the specific job on offer.

  • Salary Negotiation Support

    During the offer process, we will always represent your interests in any negotiaitions, and will help candidates realize what is a realistic target for compensation and benefits for the new position, and how to compare the total package on offer with their own current or future expectations. At the same time, if we genuinely believe that an offer needs to be improved to be competitive in the market, we will say so.

  • Background Check

    We will follow up on al relevant references given by the selected candidate, as standard practice. Police Background Checks and Medical Check Ups are only conducted upon request, and any incidental costs for these are for the client's account.

  • Start Date & Onboarding Facilitation

    We will mediate with the candidate and with our client to fix a committed start date for the new hire candidate. We will have already addressed the issues of notice period and project commitments during the First Round Interview, and will reconfirm this during the Offer process. We also ask that you give us any relevant information about training courses, induction or project schedules that might be critical to the timing of the new hire start. If you are new to recruiting in Thailand, we can also give advise on which dates are best avoided for a new hire start.

  • Billing

    You only pay a fee once a candidate has been successfully hired and has reported for work on their first day. Our fee rate will be agreed at the start of the assignemnt, and will be based on an agreed percentage of the candidate's guarnateed salary.

  • Guarantee Period Support

    sometimes things just don't work out between an employer and a new employee, despite everyone's best efforts and all due dilligence. In these rare cases, we will offer a one-time replacement for any termination of employment during the standard probation period.

Targeting Your Search

Can You Do What We Need You to Do for this Job?...

A good Job Description is essential to effective recruitment. It helps the employer to define what they want - and don't want - from their candidates, and it does this by defining the scope of work for the target job. Or at least it should...

Where things go wrong is when Essential, Desirable and Nice-to-Have requirements getadded and mixed into one (overly) long Job Descriptio - so that the potential candidates get scared off from applying, and the hiring manager loses sight of what is needed to fill the position.

A Job Description is basically asking a simple question: Can you [the candidate] do what we [the employer] need you to do for you for this job?

We will help you to  define your Job Descriptions.  We believe that a Job Description can be summarised in a maximum of five (5) Key Questions:

  • "Have you managed a team of more than seven people before?"
  • "Do you have an example of a commercial website that you designed and built yourself?"
  • "Are you PMI-certified?",
  • "Have you ever had direct P&L responsibility"
  • etc.
Closed-ended questions that define the Essential or 'Must Have' capabilities for the role.

Must Have cndidate qualifications should also be strongly identified with specific, targeted Recruiment Key Words.

The Desirable aspects of the Job Description should take second place in the presentation of the opportunity, but should also be Key Word-rich.

An finally... We advise against subjective Job Description requirements such as 'good team player', 'proactive', 'flexible', etc., as almost all candidates will score themselves highly on these qualities. Investigating these types of desired behavior is best left to the interview stage.

ET Group Thailand Recruitment Services - Finding the Right person for the Job ... is our Only Job

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